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Zihuatanejo - Saladita

49 Min 51.8 Km

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Lazaro - Saladita

1 h 67.5 Km


La Saladita beach is located about 5 km from Highway #200 in the small town “Los Llanos de Temalhuacán”, 40 km. North of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.


The international airport is only 47 kilometers from Los Llanos. It is possible to find direct flights from some cities in Canada and the United States.


Los Llanos is located just 30 minutes north of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo on the Highway #200.


Saladita Beach is located next to Majahua Beach, its main access is through the town of Llanos de Temalhuacán (5 minutes north of Troncones).

This beach is very popular among national and international tourists cuz it has perfect waves for practicing longboard. International tournaments are held in this place, accompanied by an excellent festive atmosphere, the sporting event in the morning followed by live music, food and drinks in the evening.

In Saladita you can find many places for accommodation with sea view such as hotels, houses for rent, apartments, bungalows, etc.

Right on the seashore, tourists will find many speciality restaurants, the most populars serving dishes that are prepared with fresh fish and seafood. You can rent surf equipment and also in the surroundings of Playa La Saladita you can find some camping sites to stay.


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