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Zihuatanejo - Majahua

50 Min 46.8 Km

My location

Lazaro - Majahua

1h 13Min 79.6 Km


Majahua beach is located right north from Troncones, it can be reached by following the main avenue or by the community of Lagunillas which is 15 minutes away.


There is public transport in the place, a route of vans that pass back and forth from Troncones, you can also request the taxi service by phone.


Getting from Zihuatanejo to Majahua only takes 51 min – 46.8 km, the signs indicate the road to get in.


Majahua Beach is located between Troncones and La Saladita, it differs from the others because it has a calm swell area at the beginning of it. In this area you can find pretty good restaurants and boats for rent.

In this beach there are many activities you can realize for fun such as sport fishing, sighting of turtles, dolphins and whales. You can find boat tours here as well as boats just for translation to other beaches.

After the first hundred meters of beach there’s a large area with just a few buildings, an ideal quiet place for walking or horseback riding and maintaining contact with nature.

Also in Majahua beach is possible to do kayak tours in the place known as “La barra”, where the Lagunillas river flows. In this tour you can enjoy the sighting of local fauna and flora.


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