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If you are surfing lover, La Unión is your best option, this place is located a perfect point, with amazing waves, this place is properly known as “The Wave Machine”. Here you will find the best beaches and all the stuff (boards shops and accessories) you need for practice this sport also classes for adults, classes for children, agencies that can help you find the perfect beach to practice surf depending your style. In this page you will find everything related to this sport in La Unión.


Tips to practice safely

First search for wide sandy areas, never ever practice surf alone. Stay away from rocks all the time and if you notice that you are approaching them, go lying down to the shore with the first wave that comes and walk back to the place you got in, always have in mind that the current will drag you back. The direction of tide can change depending the weather.

Type of Tables

What types of surfboards are there?

When choosing your surfboard, the first step is to find out what type of board you need:

Within the family of surfboards we can find 9 main types of boards, each one aimed at different surfing styles, types of waves and surfers of different levels. Here you have the whole family, from the smallest to the biggest.

Materials to practice Surf

The surfboard: The choice depends on the level of the practitioner.

The invention: It is a kind of elastic plastic rope that keeps the board attached to the foot by means of a Velcro tie.

Quillas: These are the rudders of the board, which allow the board to turn and remain stable.


The most appreciated maneuver by surfers

In a poll done by a surfing brand most surfers agreed that the cutback was the maneuver they enjoyed most.

¿Sabías que?

Where to surf?


Troncones, where the surf is with a left hand break on reef, and La Boca are within walking distance. You can reach La Saladita in a short drive from the hotel. There you will find the famous left break point that was highlighted in Longboard magazine. Manzanillo Bay and El Rancho are also nearby. We have surfboards for rent and a local instructor can pick you up to give you lessons. You can leave your wetsuits at home, as the water here is 26º C (80º F).