Mountain biking

Activity Troncones


Mountain biking is a sports activity, considered “Extreme” because of the places where it is practiced and the speeds at which it is reached on the bicycle. It is a very demanding sport in which long distances are covered, with very steep ascents and very technical descents.

Mountain biking

Tips for getting started

Many of us are attracted to mountain biking, and although it is not necessary to be a professional to practice it, we must not forget that to start we need some help, that is why we give you these tips.

1.- Choose the right bicycle for you.

The size is important, that’s why you should choose the right size for you, depending on your height, you also have to choose well the type of discipline you are going to perform in order to buy the right bicycle for you.

2.- Equip yourself and protect yourself.

Not everything is pedaling, we also have to take care of our integrity, that is because in order to be able to cycle responsibly you must always wear a helmet and appropriate clothing for a sporting activity. Also don’t forget to bring gloves, enough water and tools that will allow you to get out of any trouble.

3.- Get in shape.

Cycling requires certain characteristics to practice it, such as strength, endurance and ability. They are the key so that your fun ride in the mountains does not turn into a nightmare.

Troncones trails

The troncones trails are a set of paths and trails for any type of cyclist, from those who are starting out in the sport and those who love technical descents and demanding ascents.

It has numerous different trails between them, which will make your tour very complete and probably your favorite route.

Necessary equipment

  • Mountain bike in good condition
  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Cycling tool
  • camera
  • Air pump
Number of pieces

Determined by its size and speed

More than half of the bicycle pieces are on the chain. A last generation chain has about 456 parts and the rest of the bike about 252 parts.

¿Sabías que?

How do I find the trails?

The entrance to the trails is in front of the “Mi casa su casa” hotel located in troncones, it is perfectly signposted and allows you to choose which route you want to take. Each path has a different degree of demand, but each of them ensures you have an excellent time on your bike.